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Press release

This just in: Caltrans' Freeway Access Study which concerns the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and (un)freeways throughout the state.

Bicyclists for BART Strike
Press release

Another successful bridge action!

Information about our Oct. 2, 2000 ride.
Additional photos of the ride (mostly from the Cuff-CamTM).

Ongoing meetings of the Bike the Bridge! Collective each 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at noon, 3124 Shattuck Avenue at Woolsey, two blocks east of Ashby BART, across from La Pena (Infoshop/Long Haul).

What do we need besides your love and support? Best New bicycles!!!
Not to mention help for our next action :)

Please see our lotsa cool pages at our old address.

Bike the Bridge: P.O. Box 15071, Berkeley, CA 94712-6071, FX (510) 486-1528, email: jmeggs @@@ bikethebridge -dot- org.

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