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More fancy photos!

From the October 2nd, 2000 Bay Bridge ride

The only photo we have of actual bicyclists riding to/on bridge -- here Dress is on the approach, just passing the toll plaza, wearing one of our fabulous Bike the Bridge! shields. Good ridin' along there overall, despite the unfreeway. Caltrans/CHP took a number of other photos, not in our possession.

What's going on out there? (No, this is not another episode of Blair [Br]itch Project, this is the Cuff-CamTM you sillies!). This photo was taken in a police motorcar, you can see the poor abused bicycles lumped into the open trunk, and people being arrested in the far background.

News crews ran around getting shots and interviewing police but refused to interview the riders -- and failed to visit their press contact at the Transbay Terminal.

Finally, some friends for Mister Cuff-CamTM.

It's hard to get the perfect shot with the Cuff-CamTM.

Nothing like lounging at the CHP, getting your bloody handcuffs adjusted and reviewing all the propaganda/safety posters on the walls (which are directed at CHP officers, to keep them from shooting their feet and tripping over (un)freeway medians, killing dogs, crushing babies, you know.

Blood from too-tight handcuffs is not a pretty sight but a reality -- yet little could dampen our spirits despite the injustices perpetrated by the Criminal Highway Petrol (CHP).

One by one we were asked if we would like to give a statement..."NO THANK YOU!"

"Ha ya! And for my next act..." At one point this wingnutty character with the Tweetie-Bird tie (must dress up to commute ya know) was asked by one officer if he was a poet...

Turn that Cuff Cam off or I'm gonna take it from you!
(and they did...)

Congratulations Bridge Bikers! Now off to jail for some FESTIVAL LEMON DRINKTM, that breakfast of champions...the black flag flies above the festival of fruity bridge bikers again.

All photos (c) 2000 Bike the Bridge Coalition
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